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Swarovski Cone (Aura Borealis) 50mm Crystal Prism
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AB Finish (Aura Borealis) Swarovski Crystal Prism
Swarovski Crystal Prisms are Brand New
imported by Black Widow Products!

This Crystal Prism has a special AB (Aura Borealis) finish. The finish is a metallic coating applied with a vacuum. It is one of the most popular coatings, and gives the surface a rainbow oil slick appearance.

Black Widow Product's strives to be different than most anybody. The Swarovski Crystal Prisms we carry are rarer and more uncommon then other Swarovski Crystal Prisms on the market!

All of our Swarovski Crystal Prisms have the Swarovski Emblem in them to insure they are the real McCoy and that they are the leaded series and not the glass line of Crystal Prisms by Swarovski. Swarovski Crystal Prisms contain approximately 32% lead to maximize refraction for the utmost brilliance.

All of our Swarovski crystal Prisms come pre-strung with clear monofilament line; making them perfect to hang in your windows, or on your rearview car mirror.
These Swarovski Crystal Prisms make excellent gifts for any occasion.

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Attention Customers:

All of our Swarovski Crystal Prisms come from Swarovski Europe and with the US dollar becoming very weak against the Euro we are no longer going to be able to hold these low Crystal Prisms prices much longer. We are anticipating price increases in the near future. If you ever wanted to purchase fine Swarovski Crystal Prisms now is the time.

These prices will last as long as our current inventory holds out. Once we start re-stocking with new Swarovski Crystal Prisms the price will have to reflect the lower value of the US dollar.

We are extremely sorry for this price change, but we assure you we will still be the lowest price supplier of Swarovski Crystal Prisms out there.

                                                                            Black Widow Products
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Swarovski Cone (Aura Borealis) 50mm Crystal Prism
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Weight: 0.10lb.
Stock Status: In Stock
Model: 8950-3011
Price:  $27.95 
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Swarovski Cone (Aura Borealis) 76mm Crystal Prism
Swarovski Cone (Aura Borealis) 76mm Crystal Prism
Swarovski Cone (Aura Borealis) 50mm Crystal Prism
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