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HOP UP MR-733 Assault Rifle Airsoft Gun
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Gun Type: Semi-Auto
Permetaly Affixed Blaze Orange Tip: YES
Ammo: 6mm Plastic BBs
50 BBs Included
Accessories: Infarred Scope
Laser Sight
Safety Glasses: Recommended
Material: Anti-shock ABS
FPS: 230FPS Approx.
Ammo Holding Device: Actual Clip
HOP UP MR-733 Assault Rifle Airsoft Gun
This HOP MR-733 Assault Rifle Airsoft Gun is made out of High Quality Heavy Weight Anti-shock ABS with metal parts to give it the look and feel of the real thing. It has a clip for quick reload while "Charley" is near by and can hold approx 14+ BBs in the clip. Velocity over 230fps (feet per second)! It is also capable of shooting 6mm paint balls. The gun also comes with Full directions with picture illustrations!!!

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Attention Customers:

All of our customers must be 18 years of age or older to purchase airsoft from us.

This gun like all our Airsoft guns comes with a blaze orange tip affixed to the barrel to protect the user and law enforcement from uncomfortable situations.
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HOP UP MR-733 Assault Rifle Airsoft Gun
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Weight: 3.00lb.
Stock Status: In Stock
Model: MR-733
Price:  $29.95 
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HOP UP MR-733 Airsoft Gun
HOP UP MR-733 Airsoft Gun
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