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Black Widow Products - Crystal Prisms

History Of Crystal and How Crystal Prisms Came To Be.

No one knows exactly when or where glass was first made. Glass appears to have been produced as far back as the second millennium BC by the Egyptians & perhaps the Phoenicians. Yet evidently it originated in Mesopotamia, where pieces of well made glass have been found, believed to date from the third millennium BC.

The raw materials for making glass consist mainly of silica (sand). To melt the sand to make glass, the furnace has to reach a temperature of approximately 3,600F (1,982C). Because of the presence of iron in sand, glass with a greenish colour mostly results. So only sand of exceptional purity, white sand, is sought. In Ireland , this white sand is mainly sourced in the Wicklow mountains.

In 1676, an Englishman named George Ravenscroft discovered that by adding lead oxide to the glass composition, a far more brilliant, sparkling glass could be produced than had ever been made before. Lead crystal has now been born.

Besides the highly refractive appearance of lead crystal, this newly discovered glass was also much softer than regular glass, due to the properties of lead. This new softness made it easier to cut.

The maximum lead content is 33%. However, 33% lead crystal requires a lot of skill in forming a shape at the blowing stage. So, lesser percentage lead content is often used, although the same sparkle is not achieved. Ireland though, has maintained a reputation world-wide for its skilled blowing of 33% lead crystal.

Todays Uses for the New Crystal Glass:

We have added Swarovski crystal to our selection. There are two main reasons for that.

Now days Crystal is made in the form of Crystal Prisms and any of our customers use Crystal Prisms to hang in windows as sun catchers. Originally, Crystal Prisms were used in chandeliers. Then in the 1960's or so, people started realizing how beautiful Crystal Prisms were when hung in a window and from there crystal prism history was made. Now day Crystal Prisms are many different shapes, sizes and colors and many of them are still used in chandeliers. Many of our customers make "car jewelry", (the Crystal Prism is strung to hang from the rear view mirror), wedding favors, jewelry, Christmas decorations, and window crystal prism. Some are also used by feng shui practioners.

What to expect when buying crystals from Black Widow Products?

Gift Boxes:
We offer free gift boxes on orders over $25.00 for those of you who are giving these Crystal Prisms as presents, wedding favors, or promotional items for coprorate gifts.

How do you display your Crystal Prisms?
All of our crystal prisms come pre-strung on a clear monofilament line and are flawless, if you have any problems when you receive them we will gladly return or exchange any pieces.

Our Guarantee:
We are one of the largest dealers in the US on Crystal Prisms with the largest selection and best price. If you can find someone who beats our price we will give you the crystal for Free!

Customer Satisfaction:
We care about our customers and, as part of our commitment to our customers; we will do everything possible to make sure you are happy with your order. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase we will gladly return or exchange any piece with out question. We want you, our customer, to be happy and come back to us in the future. About 85% of our customers are repeat customers and are very happy.

Now if you have read this information we would like to show our Thanks by offering you a 10% discount on your next order by giving you a coupon code to be entered in the checkout process. Just enter code: "Thanks" when you check out to get 10% off you order.

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