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32pc. Crystal Assortment  $190.00 
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32pc. Crystal Prism Assortment
This is a beautiful 32pc. Assortment

This assortment is picked from the top sellers, offered in a package at a discounted price, to help you save money shoping with Black Widow Products.

Crystals included:

1) 40mm (Clear) Ball
2) 30mm (Clear) Ball
3) 20mm (Clear) Ball
4) 50mm (Clear) Octagon
5) 76mm (Clear) Arrowhead
6) 35mm (Clear) Star
7) 32mm (Clear) Oval
8) 63mm (Clear) Diamond
9) 40mm (Clear) Square
10) 20mm (AB) Ball
11) 30mm (AB) Plumb Bob
12) 63mm (AB) Icicle
13) 30mm (AB) Octagon
14) 40mm (AB) Heart
15) 50mm (AB) Balloon
16) 63mm (AB) Wizard Hat
17) 46mm (AB) Round
18) 63mm (AB) Pear
19) 50mm (AB) Beetle
20) 63mm (AB) Huge Leaf
21) 40mm (AB) Square
22) 40mm (Green) Ball
23) 20mm (Sapphire) Ball
24) 63mm (Lilac) Teardrop
25) 30mm (Black Diamond) Plumb Bob
26) 63mm (Silver) Icicle
27) 30mm (Sapphire) Octagon
28) 30mm (Ruby) Heart
29) 40mm (Emerald) Shamrock
30) 63mm (Rose) Teardrop
31) 50mm (Alexandrite) Icicle
32) 40mm (Rose) Ball
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32pc. Crystal Assortment
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Weight: 5.00lb.
Stock Status: In Stock
Price:  $190.00 
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